Inozetek offers premium automotive vinyl film for enhancing the appearance of cars that deserve only the best. Below you will find some of our partner companies, who can offer additional discounts on their product lines through our dealer partner program. To receive additional information on our Dealer Partner Program and applicable discounts, please contact us directly at




1016 Industries are innovators in the space of automotive restyling, bringing a sophisticated touch to the products they produce. Whether it’s the gorgeous Ferrari F8 Tributo shown below, or their wild Mclaren 720s widebody, each kit works in conjunction with the vehicle's existing body lines to deliver an end result that feels like it could roll off a showroom floor. It’s this similar OEM-Plus approach that works perfectly when paired with Inozetek Supergloss film. This is why we are very excited to announce our partnership with 1016 Industries and offer an exclusive, limited-time offering to our dealers for 2023!

Terms & Conditions;

Any customer that orders a full kit from a 1016 & Inozetek U.S.A. authorized dealer between January 16th, 2023 and June 15th, 2023 will receive the following upon completing their purchase.

Any in stock roll of film from Inozetek U.S.A

A $1,000 install credit towards the installation of parts and film.

Please note this deal is available exclusively through 1016 Industries and Inozetek Dealers.

(Full Kit is defined as any sum of parts with a retail value of or over $18,590).

For questions regarding a local dealer please contact:

Graeme Howe:

Greg English



Armytrix exhaust systems have a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and refined sound to enhance the driving experience. Arguably one of the most important parts of any build is how it sounds and Armytrix understands this. Their valved systems can be found on some of the wildest cars around the globe from SEMA builds, track cars, or anything in between. It’s the versatility of having a quiet car when you need it, but opening up the full symphony of sound with the flip of a switch. “Automotive Weaponized” sums it up perfectly!

Terms & Condition;

Inozetek has partnered with Armytrix exhaust to offer exclusive benefits to all US Inozetek Dealers. If you have a client looking for their next exhaust system, look no further and contact us today to recieve a special discount for your client!

Email for more information:



Inozetek utilizes the powerful XIX3D Zeno platform to help bring your ideas to life, before you make the commitment. Zeno visualizes anything from window tints and chrome deletes to body kits, rims, and tires. Customize every component, render on-demand, and connect with clients anywhere, anytime.

Instead of waiting for customers to walk through your door, send client, dealership, and agency prospects attention-grabbing renderings instantly. Think Photoshop meets illustrator, but in 3D with true-to-scale print and cut files—no design experience required.



Liberty Walk is a name that car enthusiasts around the world have come to know and love for their radical vision of what a car should be. Taking much of the inspiration from Japans “showa-era”, Liberty Walk chose to bring this style into the 21st century and apply it to modern day exotics such as the Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari 458. Their portfolio has now expanded to encompass vehicles from across the spectrum such as JDM’s, Euro’s, and USDM’s, each receiving the signature wide flares, enhanced front and rear fascias, and more. It’s no doubt Liberty Walk has created a movement in the industry and solidified itself as a key player in the history of Japanese car culture!

Inozetek and Liberty
Walk have partnered to bring exclusive benefits and discounts to all US Inozetek Dealers. Transform those builds into a rolling work of art with the signature style that only Liberty Walk can deliver.